Stonehawk is a metal band from Sneek, the Netherlands, consisting of five enthusiastic members.
Their music is not for the faint-hearted; modern metal that revolves around groovy riffs,
If you like to quietly sit in a corner and listen to soothing music, Stonehawk isn’t for you.
But If you love heavy, groovy guitar riffs, untying your hair and headbanging till sun-up,
Stonehawk fits right into your genre.

Their music is a unique combination of filthy, metal-oriented guitar riffs, dreamy stoner
influence and and straight-from-the-heart lyrics about personal frustration and struggle.

Stonehawks’ first EP “Vex” came out in 2011 and their second EP “The Point of Few” saw light in 2013.
Both of these albums were recorded at ‘Double Impact Productions’.

Stonehawk is influenced by bands such as Kyuss, Down, Mastodon and Lamb of God.
Their goal is to make awesome music while showing the world modern music and old skool metal
do mix and produce great musical babies.

Current Members:

Vocals: Lennart Wardekker
Guitar: Anouk Bekkers
Bass: Simon Venema
Drums: Albert de Vries